16. Juni 2016

BANDquartal 1/2016

Foto: © anyaberkut – fotolia.de

Our German readers might be surprised to read an issue of BANDquartal in English, but there’s a simple reason for using the modern lingua franca. The topic of angel investment research is not a national one, it ultimately has a larger, European scope.

That is why BAE, Business Angels Europe, the association of national angel federations in Europe places emphasis on the intensification of angel investment research. BAND’s co-president Ute Günther is responsible for research and data in BAE’s Board of Directors.

In February 2016, BAND organized the BAE Conference on Angel Investment Research for the second time. It was held at Zeche Zollverein in Essen as a further step to establish a community of business angel researchers all over Europe.

You will find the results of this conference here, but the general aim of this issue at hand (or more likely, on screen) is to paint a picture of the challenges, methods and results of angel research all over Europe.

Enjoy reading!

I. Angel Investment Research – a huge challenge

Ute Günther, Roland Kirchhof
Knowing a lot – knowing nothing. Angel Investment in Europe

Interview with Nelson Gray
“When appropriate, let’s just be honest and say ‘we don’t know’”

Business Angels Europe Conference on Angel Investment Research 2016

Spotlights on European Angel Research: Conference Statements

II. Research Agenda

Colin Mason, Tiago Botelho
Business Angels – a new Research Agenda

Helmut Kraemer-Eis
Business Angel Research: illusion and disillusion

III. What do we know about the Angel Market?

Peter Wirtz, Christophe Bonnet, Laurence Cohen
Angel Cognition and Active Involvement in BAN Governance and Management

Mike Wright
Business Angels: The Changing Landscape

Carsten Rudolph
Data and facts about angel investments in Bavaria

Matthias Wischnewsky
Access to angel markets: The Business Angels Panel and the Halo Report

Ute Günther
European trends – insights from BAE’s recent e-book

Code Of Ethics And Guidelines For Good Practice On European Angel Investment Research

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