Research & Data

Business Angels are the most important early-stage investors into young innovative start-ups. Even in later financing rounds they will be more and more important. Currently, there are no exact figures on their investment behavior. Concerning the number of active Business Angels in Germany and Europe or the investment volume per deal there are very different estimations. The conditions that favor investments by Business Angels in start-ups are largely unexplored.

We need to know more about Angel Investments. In order to make strategic decisions and to create an adequate environment, the market has to be transparent.

BAND promotes the Business Angels market as an important field of research and is engaged in building-up a “scientific community” of those researchers who are active specifically in the Business Angels field. In addition to that, BAND acts as a place of collection for scientific studies and published statistics on this subject.

At the Board of Business Angels Europe (BAE) BAND is responsible for the department “Research and Data”. Doing this BAND has a good knowledge of the status quo in the Business Angels research in Europe.  BAND informed about scientific studies that have been explored in other countries and which are of relevance for the German market.

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