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Business angels play the most important role as initial financiers for innovative start-ups. And they are also becoming increasingly important in later financing rounds. So far, however, no one has exact figures on their investment behavior. Estimates of the number of business angels active in Germany and Europe, the volume of investments made and the amount invested per investment vary widely. The general conditions that favour investments by business angels in startups are also largely unexplored.

We need to know more about angel investments, the market needs to become more transparent in order to make strategic decisions and create an adequate environment.

BAND promotes the business angels market as an important field of research, actively approaches researchers, organizes their exchange of experiences, is committed to building a “scientific community” of those researchers who are specifically active in the business angels field, and acts as a collection point for scientific studies and published statistics on the topic.

On the board of Business Angels Europe, BAND is responsible for the area of “Research and Data”. Thus, BAND keeps an eye on Business Angels research across Europe, informs about scientific findings that have been researched in other countries and are relevant for the German market. In December 2015, an e-book was published under the editorship of BAND, which takes a look at the European business angel markets from the respective national perspective.

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