The Path to get a Business Angel

As the umbrella organization of the German Business Angels networks we give start-ups the opportunity to apply for a presentation to the Business Angels which are member in the BAND networks by using a universally accepted form (One Pager).

Send the One Pager to BAND checks the received One Pager for plausibility, completeness and general suitability for a Business Angel investment. If the result is positive, BAND will forward your One Pager to the member networks.

BAND is not active in matching capital seeking start-ups and companies with Business Angels (exemption matching during the German Business Angel Day and special events). The matching process will be done by the BAND member networks.

Conditions for a successful transmission of your One Pagers to the member networks:

  • completely filled out one pager (including complete and coherent financial situation and planning),
  • Focus on innovative and technology-oriented projects
  • Description of the unique selling points.
  • Also notice that the One Pager form must be filled out and sent by the real entrepreneurs (founders) and you should demonstrate that your project has a holistic business approach (not only a product idea).
  • The age of the firm is important for Business Angels, because they typically invest in the early-stages

In the framework of the plausibility check, only the One Pager is taken into account, posted business plans and executive summaries cannot be included in the evaluation and will not be forwarded to the member networks. The One Pager allows us to compare projects from different sectors.