Who do Business Angels finance?

Through the financing of a business angel, you receive the necessary equity capital for the early phase of the company and at the same time you benefit from the know-how and network contacts of your angel.

The main motive of most business angels is the joy, the “fun” of being part of the company building of a start-up. That is why, in addition to capital, they invest a lot of time and entrepreneurial know-how as well as their network connections in the invested company. As entrepreneurially minded people, they want to come out of their high-risk commitment with as good a profit as possible in the end.

For this to work, your company should be based on a business idea that is as innovative as possible, have a high potential for increasing value, offer competitive advantages and unique selling propositions, and have the prerequisites to establish itself on the market with its product.

Above all, a strong founding team that is characterized by commitment, enthusiasm and the ability to cooperate and ideally cover the essential company tasks personally and in terms of content is sought after.