Market intelligence

BAND is concentrating the knowledge about Angel investments; surveying the market and analysing the trends. BAND collects figures, data and statistics as well as academic knowledge and cooperates with market experts for professionalizing the Angel market. Also it aims to publish standard solutions and best practice in order to reflect the opinions and positions of the market community.

The BAND market intelligence supports the aim of quality and best practice, facilitates benchmarking and gives indications for the development of good conditions, especially in fiscal , legal and political issues as well as for strategic and exchange of experience.

Best Practice Bag: Knowledge of experts, clearly arranged, clarified in a concise manner, as standard solution, model contract or background for discussions and dialogues.

Ask your question – experts are answering: Experienced lawyers, tax advisers and accountants with high reputation answer to your questions, on an individual basis and just in time.

Deal- and exit stories: Samples of successful practices

Business Angels Panel: a quarterly survey and barometer of the Angel market.

Research and data collection: Downloads of academic studies and surveys, evidence of data and statistics.

Bibliography: list of the most relevant literature.

Investment partners: Short presentation of the most important Angel co-investors besides of the private VCs, which are active all over Germany.