Market intelligence

BAND pools knowledge about angel investments, observes the market, analyses trends, collects – if available – figures, data, facts, statistics and scientific knowledge about angel investments, cooperates with market experts and puts their competences at the service of the ongoing professionalisation of the angel market, publishes standard solutions, identifies good practice as case studies of successful work and reflects the views and opinions of the angel investment community.

A short fact sheet on business angels in Germany can be found here (PDF, german)

As a structured resource of currently accessible knowledge about the Angel market, BAND market intelligence supports the promotion of quality approaches and good practice, facilitates benchmarking, provides evidence for policy and operational planning, for strategy and lobbying (as well as for strategy and experience sharing).

Business Angels Panel: a quarterly survey and barometer of the Angel market.

Research and data collection: Downloads of academic studies and surveys, evidence of data and statistics.

Investment partners: Short presentation of the most important Angel co-investors besides of the private VCs, which are active all over Germany.