Every natural or legal person or unincorporated association, who supports the objectives defined in association articles, can be member of BAND.

Member groups
BAND distinguishes the following member groups:

  • Business Angels networks
  • institutional members
  • scientists
  • reciprocal memberships

Sponsors also have full membership rights in BAND.

For Business Angels, there is the possibility of the special BANDlisting

Business Angels networks
The special engagement of BAND is the support of the Business Angels networks. Their main task consists in the matching between young innovative companies and Business Angels to initiate capital participations. They provide a platform, where capital seeking companies and Business Angels can meet.

Within the screening process capital seeking companies will be tested for their suitability for the market of the informal venture capital; the matching process organizes the meeting of Business Angels with those companies that have the screening process completed with a positive result. Business Angels networks are present all over Germany. The market-relevant networks are nearly complete members in BAND.

Members declaration
BAND members sign a BAND members declaration about confidentiality, liability and behavior.

Membership certificate
BAND members can use the BAND member stamp on their website or on their business papers to proof their membership (“member stamp”).