Become a Panelist

You are an active Angel investor and you are interested to participate in the panel? Then you are invited to be part of the panel community.

There is not to much work to be a panelist.  Quarterly you will receive an online-questionnaire with nine recurrent and two additional questions about actual aspects of the Business Angels culture.  As a panelist you should take the role of an observer who gives an estimation about “what´s going on in the market”.

Most of the questions can be answered by multiple-choice. Filling out of the questionnaire should take about ten minutes. Panel participants will also have the opportunity to present their portfolio companies in the VDI nachrichten.

One of the targets of the Business Angels panel is to identify long term trends. That´s why it is important that the panelist will take part over a longer period. Use our form to register as panelist.

By participating in the Business Angel panel, you support the transparency and professionalization in the Business Angels market.