Logo DekadeBusiness Angels Netzwerk Deutschland e.V. (BAND) has declared the second decade of the millennium for the DECADE of the BUSINESS ANGELS. The aim of the BUSINESS ANGELS DECADE is to inspire more people to become ​​Business Angels. Business Angels are the most important early-stage investors in Germany. They are the driving force for economic growth and the key for new jobs.

The DECADE of the BUSINESS ANGELS wants to increase the knowledge of Business Angels activities in the public. Especially the presence in the public media should be increased. The DECADE will encourage and qualify more people to be active as a Business Angel. In addition the DECADE wants to encourage young companies to get in contact with Business Angels networks to find capital, know-how and business contacts in the early-stage. The DECADE follows as a strategic marketing campaign for a greater spread of the Business Angel spirit on the Business Angels Year 2010.

Goals of the DECADE of the BUSINESS ANGELS are:

  • Strengthening the Business Angel community
  • Finding recognition in politics and public
  • Being respcted partner in the concert of investors along the financing chain
  • Intensifiing and coordinating research activities

Reached milestones of the DECADE are:

  • New event format “BAND Business Angels Summits” (2011)
  • Book „Guideline for Business Angels“ (2012)
  • Improvement of the environment of the Business Angels market (2013)
    • Supporting the launch of the “Investitionszuschuss Wagniskapital” (IVZ)
    • BAND IVZ Germany Rallye (training week)
    • Online directory of companies which are eligible in the framework of the IVZ
    • First German and European double Congress on Research and Statistics of the Business Angels market (2013)
    • Online Advisory tool BAND experts (2014)